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Meadgar is our traditional mead, just honey, water and yeast. This recipe is unadulterated to give you the same product likely drank for millennia.


A semi-sweet raspberry mead, perfect for saluting those traveling to Valhalla.


A seductive blend of honey, strawberries and vanilla flavors crafted from quality ingredients. It's alluring flavors will draw you in for just like it's name sake for another taste.


A Chocolate mead so good even the All-Mighty All-Father would smile thinking of it.


A History of Mad Moose Mead and Mead

Created by fermenting honey with water, Mead has been produced through the world including Europe, Africa and Asia. The terms mead and honey-wine are often used interchangeably. Thought to have been first brewed on accident over 6,000 years ago this beverage has earned its place in some cultures as a drink of the gods.

Many variations exists and labels to go along with them including Pyment (A Grape based mead), Melomel (Fruit Based), Cyser (Apple based), Metheglin (Spice based mead), Capsicumel (Hot Pepper based mead) and many other varieties.

Our Meadsmith Gary Ellis first encountered and started brewing meads with a friend of his in the 2010. He also learned the basics of brewing beer and cider. He greatly enjoyed the simplicity and flavors offered with brewing mead. After touring many Meaderies he made the decision to produce high quality and flavorful combinations that he had a hard time locating in liquor stores, or Meaderies.

He came into contact with Shawn Jaccobaccio of John Fitch Distellers and the two struck up a friendship over their passion for Mead and fine alcoholic beverages. Shawn had been in development of a Distillery in South Windsor Connecticut and offered Gary and Mad Moose Mead a place in his location.


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